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Here are the details and review of the game “Skate City”!!

Skate City

This is a game that captures the moment and style of skating on the street. It looks like the heart and soul of the city. You can master hundreds of skills in the game and become a professional skater.

Feature in Skate City Game

If you have no area to skate in your city. So, don’t be disheartened. You have this game to skate in a beautiful city. You will enjoy cruising in the city streets. The place once you saw like a concrete jungle is now your playground. You can play in many environments like morning, the shade of night, and also different weather styles.

If in the real world, you want to go to other countries you want a passport. But here you can go to the streets of Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona without any passport. You can explore the cities. You can unlock many destinations. 

Tricks in the game

There are many tricks in the game. You can get any trick with the course of time. You just have to nail your favorite trick. Whether in your life you haven’t put your feet on the Skateboard. Here you are professional. But here the test is of your mind not of your body.

You can ride the Skate and explore the city with some missions to play or you can also play the Endless mode where you can play as much as you want.

There is also a custom shop where you can buy different items for your boy who rides the Skate. You will get many abilities in the store.

There are also options to change skin color, gender, and hairstyle.

Music in the game and the shared moment

Feel the great music in the game. It will create a mellow atmosphere around you. It is like you are driving on the plane road with mountains on both sides.

You can also share the best moments on social media. You just have to click photos or share the site video online.

The game is very sharp and beautiful. It will make you feel better every time. If you want to play something good. This game is best for you.