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Here is a sneak peak into what all neighbours Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel spoke about across the fence

By Priyanka Peddinti

Pheww! The latest trend of social distancing has caught everyone off guard. It is the same with common people as well as with big-shot celebrities.


The same has happened with the gorgeous Dakota Johnson and the handsome hulk Jimmy Kimmel. They both can be seen chatting over the fence, hey, because they are neighbors. Surprisingly, this all was arranged for Jimmy Kimmel’s Thursday show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This time he gave away the tradition of video chatting late at night and decided to face to face. Both of them continued talking to each other standing in their backyard while following the expected protocol. They maintained a 12 feet distance between themselves.
Dakota Johnson wore a beautiful flowing pink gown, holding a hose in her hands and Jimmy Kimmel preferred a casual blue shirt and beige color pants.

Jimmy Kimmel also made a point to specifically announce on the show that they were very particular about following social distancing norms. He again said that they were at a minimum distance of 12 feet apart. So they did not have to worry about wearing masks or covering their hands with gloves and stuff like that. Dakota Johnson meanwhile joked that she borrowed her pink gown from Jimmy Kimmel’s six-year-old daughter.
Dakota Johnson also made a light-hearted comment that while the pandemic has thrown lives out of ease, there is still so much to be happy about. She stresses the fact that fun stuff is happening there.

One particular thing to note was the nomination of the best neighbor. During their chat, Jimmy Kimmel asked Dakota Johnson, who she would prefer to rate as her best neighbor. Without the slightest amount of doubt, Dakota Johnson answered, it is Jimmy Kimmel himself. Nice way to keep the light-hearted and friendly conversation going.

They also spoke about another neighbor of theirs, Hunter Thompson, who is a journalist by profession. Dakota was close friends with his father Don Johnson.

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