Is Johnny Depp not a part of Pirates of Carribbean Season 6? Find out why is it so in this post here.

I can bet and tell that almost all the people have heard about the Pirates of the Caribbean. If a person like me, who rarely watches Hollywood can know about Jonny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean, then definitely everybody out there will at least have a faint idea about it. That’s how famous the series, giving due credit to the makers and producers, it is very enticing for the people to watch the series.
Johnny Depp has almost become synonymous with Captain Jack Sparrow, that’s how resounding success on this venture has been. However, we have frightening news ahead! From what I can hear, Johnny Depp is not featuring in the Pirates of Caribbean Season 6! This news has also been confirmed by Disney Studios. What!! But why? Let us see how.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean have had five successful seasons and have garnered over 4.5 billion dollars all over the world, to date. Huge money honestly. The first film also helps Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow, earn the nomination for Best Actor Award for Academy Awards.

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The real reason is still not known, but it seems that Disney had removed Depp over some personal reasons. If the published reports are anything to go by, then Amber Heard, his wife is responsible for it.
In her post in Washing ton Post, she accused him of domestic violence. She says he had abused her beyond measure in their 18-month marriage. God knows what the truth is, however this resulted in Disney removing him just four days after this article in Washington Post.

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The recall was something nobody imagined. The Internet began burning like a wildfire. Repeated petitions had put huge pressure on Disney to act against Johnny Depp. This is what producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed till now, he, however, says much of the other work is in progress.