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Izuku will be soon back in My hero academia!!Check the post to know more about

By Megha Choubey

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga series. This Japanese series come under the genre Adventure, fantasy, superhero. Manga series are written by the Kohei Horikoshi. This season has a light novel, manga series, anime television series. My hero Academia also has video games on it. Here we are going to talk about the anime series. The manga series got adapted into anime series by Bones.

The Release Date

The first series of anime television series release in the year 2016. The last season that is season four hit the screen in the year 2019. Well, the audience will be happy to know that season five will be soon going to renew. Makers has confirmed that Izuku Midoriya is going to be back. This confirmation is given by Shonen Jump on his twitter account. Although there is no official announcement about the release date of the upcoming season. But can expect the release date somewhere in 2021

The Plotting

So the story starts that everyone around the Izuki has superpowers termed as “Quirks”. He is not blessed with quirks. Izuki is teased by his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo for not having quirks. Both of them idolize the world’s greatest hero “All Might”. Izuku knows about the injury that all might is dealing with. All Might has not told truth about his injury to the public.

He gave his quirk that is “One for All” to Izuku. As he finds Izuku to be one of the determined youth who can survive the danger and protect others also. Izuku has taken training in the U.A high school in the process of becoming a hero. Buku and Tomuru want to destroy society and their heroes.

Well, the wait is too long for the new season. But till then we can enjoy the previous seasons of the series.

Megha Choubey