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John Wick: Chapter 4 confirmed!!! With Keanu Revees- Everything about the FILM!

By Dhenakar VP

John wick was an American thriller franchise media created by Basil Iwaryk and Derek Kolstad.

John wick first part was released in 2014 along with that John wick’s second chapter released in 2017 later it’s third part released in 2019

Chad Stahelski directed the films. John wick builds a lot of fans structure in addition to that ballet of blood and action thriller violence makes engaged the people more.

The previous trio acquires more than 587 million dollars worldwide.

Moreover, many people wish for chapter 4

And now it’s officially confirmed!! John Wick: Chapter 4 hits the theatres soon. Along with that Keanu Reeves back with the auction block!


Lions Gate planned the new dates for John wick chapter 4 along with other films.

The film has delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic by a year. Furthermore, this pandemic makes the whole production units shut down.

Along with that Reeve’s involvement on the Matrix-4 also the reason for John wick’s next part delay.


Undoubtedly, Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as John wick in chapter 4

Fishburne as Bowery king

Ian Mcshane as Winston

Although none of the remaining cast members are not yet announced.

It may be released by the team in the upcoming months as well.


Probably the next film will go on John and Bowery King’s accomplishments along with overtaking the High table.

Because the previous movie finished with John gots shot by Winston with multiple times to promise his allegiance to the table.

Apart from the plot surely the action blocks will make us wonder and WOW!! so let’s wait for some time for the other updates and some year for the next chapter.

Keeps stay us for further updates and news!

Dhenakar VP