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Justin Bieber revealed his love for Hailey, his wife!! Could grow hate in the hearts of Jelena fans!!

By Anushka Singh

A few days back Justin revealed a message which truly indicates his love for his wife, Hailey. But what about Selena? Was she always playing? Doesn’t care about her once?. All these answers were ended up on a single statement that Justin revealed. Leaving apart the present life let’s have a short look at Jelena’s love life.

How they both met?

This was when the couple was caught up together in IHOP hands in hands. They both looked in love with each other but at the same time, they denied it. Further, they were also found cuddling with each other. But that also was spoken off as a friendship goal. At the time when they met, they both were teenagers. Where Selena was 18, Justin was only 16 at the age.

They both had the same tattoos!!

They were in so much love with each other that they weren’t able to resist themselves from having the same tattoos. This certainly showcased their love for each other. At the same time, they were found cuddling with each other, that was also enough for the same. But at present, they have their paths separated from each other.

The revelation of the love for Hailey:

We all knew that there were several misunderstandings heating between the two. But we couldn’t think that they would separate their path after being in love for so much long time. Eventually, they were together for 8 years and in between that year’s we also heard about their fights too.

But everything got sorted with the revelation of his marriage with Hailey Baldwin. This all was so sudden that even the Jelena fans were also not able to cover up the trauma. After that many incidents happened, where one side Selena went into depression. On the other side, they both were enjoying their honeymoon and love life!!

Anushka Singh