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Las Vegas Raiders christen Death Star stadium with victory over New Orleans Saint – Check it out

Las Vegas Raider had it tough when they had minimum to none supporters. But all hope is not lost for the team as with the opening of the brand new stadium “Death Star” will change the outcome and will be new hope for the team’s fans. Brimmed with curiosity New Orleans Saints were the first team to check out the alleged stadium, the features it boasts of with its black shell which emerges out of the Nevada Deserts to mesmerize the surrounding landscape. Truly befitting of the name of being called Star Wars space station nickname. Before Raider’s move from Oakland to Las Vegas. Read on more to know about the death star stadium and why it holds a benefit for Las Vegas Raiders.

How did the New Orleans saint fare with Las Vegas Raiders?

Although both teams were on equal terms when they both scored the first points from their respective sides. First touchdown by Alving Kamara and a field goal from Will Lutz. Surprisingly the tides began to shift in favor of the Raiders Empire. Leading the game with a 34-24 win, giving them a 2-0 record in the 2020 season.

During the Raiders year in Oakland, they played in their home stadium in the Oakland Coliseum in the timeline 0f 1928-1994. And it proved very difficult for the opposition team with the old school setup and wild fans.

The news for the relocation to Las Vegas didn’t sit well with the large portion of the Raiders fanbase. But the team has left no stones unturned when it comes to developing their base in the desert. The stadium can hold 65,000 people, as well as organizing Raider’s games. The stadium took 31 months to complete and a total costing of 1.97 billion dollars. In the future, the stadium will hold concerts and sporting events as well as will be a home for the UNLV Rebel football team.