Britney Spears’ father Jamie speaks out amid conservatorship drama: ‘I love my daughter’
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Lifetime’s Britney Spears Movie Ripped Apart By Twitter: “Lifetime deserved JAIL for their Britney Spears biopic”

Britney Ever After (Based upon the life of Britney Spears) is an American biographical drama TV  movie premiered on Lifetime on February 18, 2017. The movie was directed by Leslie Libman and written by Ann-Marie Hess.

Lifetime has streamed ‘Britney Ever After’ movie to its YouTube channel on Monday, August 3 and it’s been getting a great deal of consideration since nevertheless not because it masterfully depicts Spears’ life. Twitter is premiering the film and subsequently ripping it on-line for its music, performing, and plot.

Absence of Music Track in Britney Ever After

The audience had found tons to take downside with, numerous criticism stems from the movie’s music track. You will not hear a single genuine Spears music the least bit in Britney Ever After, because of Lifetime was unable to protect the rights to Spears’ sound. Therefore, Lifetime had attached the covers that Spears recorded throughout the ages, along with some Rolling Stones music.

Audience’s Unimpressive Tweets

The audience has not given impressive tweets about the soundtrack of the movie Britney Ever After. The comments of viewers include words like a heap of garbage about the movie soundtrack. One audience has used language for the movie like, it’s even worse than I could have imagined,”. Even the audience has said that Lifetimetv should be arrested.


Given that biopic chronicles Spear’s earlier years with Timberlake, Lifetime had taken the extra step to go looking out some NYSNC lookalikes to show his bandmates. And very like the alternative aspects of the movie, the film’s boyband was not spared by the critics.

Even get to know that at least one audience has appraised about the film. Even that was not about the leading lady cast. It was about Timberlake.