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Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp DATING??? But the story reflects something different!!! Stranger Things’ artists are dating!!! Know who??

By Anchal Gupta

Netflix’s horror series, Stranger Things’ stars are dating? Rumors about Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown’s relationship and their dates have been in the air. But when it comes to Noah, he speaks something else. Read out the blog post to solve their relationship mystery!

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are dating???

Both the stars appeared in Stranger Things. The teenager, Millie who appeared as Eleven in the series shares a close bond with her co-star Noah. Noah and Millie have quite a close relationship and keep sharing each other in posts on social media since they began filming for Stranger Things. Due to their close friendship, they were rumored to be dating each other. But they seem to be best friends only.

But Noah teased about Millie’s relationship with her other co-star,  Finn Wolfhard. In a post on Instagram which asked people to tag any two people who wanted to hook up and make things awkward. Surprisingly, Noah mentioned Millie and Finn. After this, fans began guessing that Finn and Millie are dating each other.

But we cannot be sure about the relationship as any of the celebrities has not confirmed anything yet. This might be just that Noah was being playful.

Anyhow, fans can guess the things and get excited about their ship. Let’s hope out this rumor to be true and Finn and Millie to reveal their relationship soon.

Millie’s relationship with Joseph Robinson:

Millie Bobby Brown was dating the rugby player, Joseph Robinson. Both of them confirmed their relationship officially. The couple shared a close relationship and was also found enjoying with each other’s families. But it seems that the relationship did not last long.

Anchal Gupta