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One slightest mistake in Money Heist season 4 has left the fans devastated, check out the details here.

By Shailly Panwar

The Spanish heist crime drama television series, Money Heist(La casa de Papel) was debuted in 2017 and it becomes popular in just a short period. Soon the streaming giant, Netflix acquired the streaming rights and it made the show more popular. The story spirals around a mysterious man known as “The Professor”(played by Alvaro Morte), who recruits a group of eight people to carry out a mission that involves entering the Royal Mint of Spain and escape with €2.4 billion. So far 4 seasons have been released and the recent fourth season is in the spotlight for many other reasons, check out the details here.

>Money Heist 4: Overview

The Bella Ciao turned to Boom Boom Ciao in season 4 and the season is full of twists and turns but some mistakes in the 4th season left the fans devastated.

The first episode started with great energy, Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) was introduced by the professor and just in few seconds, the entire plan falls on her shoulders. The first four episodes of the season were good but they would be better if everyone focused entirely on the heist.

The fans got devastated when Nairobi was shot in the head by Gandia as they were expecting The Professor to be more prepared and thought that he could stop all these events. As the gang went into the Bank of Spain, Nairobi(Alba Flores) had her heart set on having another child with The Professor when she got out with the gold but everything went wrong and opposite to what everyone was expecting. This little mistake in the plot has left the fans devastated and the ratings have also come down. Fans are showing their disappointment and anger on social media and asking the makers to remake the whole season.

Shailly Panwar