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Pirates of Caribbean 6 details and information about Johnny Depp getting his role back!!

By Sagar Chawla

Pirates of the Caribbean is the movie that has brought fame to Johnny Depp. It has also bought him the Oscar nomination for the character Jack Sparrow. The sixth part of the movie is the most awaited movie for all the fans. It is confirmed that this legendary actor will be there in that movie. You cannot imagine this movie without Jack Sparrow.

The renewal process of the movie

The producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently has been interviewed by Collider. In that interview, he said that “we are working with the draft right now, we will complete it shortly and give it to Disney and hopefully, they will like it, we don’t know about it but we are working very hard on this.”

The discussion about the Pirates of Caribbean 6 started in 2018 and now it is 2020, all are talking about the movie.

Depp is back in the franchise

The happy news for all the fans of the movie is that your favorite character is back in the movie. He has gained international fame because of the character he has played in the movie with the name Jack Sparrow. He has given life to the character. You all know that he is a brilliant actor but this franchise he has now become a legendary actor.

The producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that “we are not sure what Johnny will do in the upcoming movie, further he said that we have to see what is coming.”

Who will take the lead role in the movie

With all the information you can expect that your favorite Johnny will have a cameo type of role in the movie which will be disheartening news for fans. You will see new faces in the movie. There is no information about the cast of the movie.

Sagar Chawla