Riverdale Season 5: Know everything about the Cast members’ REAL AGE and LOVE LIVES!!!

By Suvam Prasad

Riverdale has been ravaging viewer lists fans just can’t get enough of them and even though they are all older than the teenage characters. Upcoming Riverdale season 5 casts real age, love stories, and all we are going to reveal in this article. They play on the screen there is something we didn’t know about the stars some of them are especially, secretive when it comes to their love life. We decided to look at Upcoming Riverdale Season 5 actors’ real age and life partners.

Let’s countdown begin with Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins age 50, is a Canadian actor that has appeared in shows like Dark Angel. The legacy having those smoking good looks helped him land the actress Brandi Ledford but the marriage only lasted six years until the divorce in 2004. Almost a decade later, he managed to snag another actress this time it was Christine Wallace it’s fun noting that Martin has four children from the two marriages.

Continue with other actors

Marisol Nichols age 46, was born on November 2nd, 1973, and she is famous for portraying Nadia Asuran 24. When it comes to dating and marriage, she is currently single her previous marriage ended in 2018 but she was married to cinematographer Taryn Lexton since April of 2008 and a September of the same year they had a daughter. She was first married to Andrea Ferrentino whom she met in Italy while filming one of her movies.

Madge anomic age 49 was born in Sparks Nevada on December 12, 1970. She is most famous portraying Shelley Johnson from Twin Peaks. Majan has been married to David Alexis for 28 years, they have two children together with a boy and a girl.

Ashley Marie age 32 is the girl that plays Josie McCoy on Riverdale and she is not only an actress but a singer as well she even has her band on the show called Josie and the pussycats Josie is her breakthrough role. we’ve managed to find her boyfriend on social, we don’t know his name, but she said that this man makes her glow like Claire Danes and Stardust.

KJ Abba age 22 New Zealand actor the main guy on the show, also he’s the youngest guy on the show and even though he was born only 22 years ago on June 17, 1997. The guy has played numerous roles in Shortland Street, I still believe in a dog’s purpose since, the quarantine started they’ve been getting through did together with Cole Sprouse and with it comes to dating. He’s been laying low he doesn’t like to show up and so his Instagram is filled with pictures from his career, and behind the scenes photos during filming. At one point he posted a photo of him kissing the 26-year-old French model Clara Berry and fans lost it. The relationship was blasted into smithereens in just a few months so currently, we have not info about Appa’s romantic life.

Watch the video below get to know other actors’ real age and relationship.

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Suvam Prasad