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Romance between Songstress Rihanna with her Arabian Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Bites Dust as the couple chose separate paths! After 3 years of Relationship!

By Dhenakar VP

We are very well about Rihanna a famous singer, songwriter besides actress and businesswoman.

Nearly two years ago some news spread about Rihanna dating a mysterious man. Fans are curious to find out who this man.

Later it shows off as Hassan Jameel a 31 years old Saudi Arabian businessman. Moreover, deputy president and vice-chairman of his family’s company.

They were in a relationship apparently from June 2018. Although now after about three years of dating the pair split in January 2020.

Reasons for their split:

There is no perfect proper answer for that, but one reason may be the interference of work. She opens up in an interview the differences she made to her life in the last couple of years and how she focusing on herself.

She said about how happiness matters and if you are not happy you won’t celebrate doing the things you love.

Also, she has not released an album since 2016, but her cosmetics brand already become a game-changer in the field. She quoted that she would be releasing an album in 2019, but till no album came out, years have passed!

This led that Hassan may have some between her and Rihanna’s career.

After the split-up Rihanna spotted with Drake at the charity show at Brooklyn center. She also spotted with rapper A$AP Rocky after this. That seems she was romantically engaged to Rocky.

Her friendship with Drake also being talked about after seeing it down a few years back.

At last in August 2019, Rihanna and Jameel spotted together with her mother at a restaurant in California.

However, Rihanna has happy since her split with Hassan. Moreover, it’s good to see Rihanna happy!.

Tuned for more news and updates!

Dhenakar VP