Russo Brothers teased out HINTS that they will be working with Robert Dowey Jr. in near future!!! Read out the blog post to know more!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The directors of notable movies, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo who are popularly known as Russo brothers, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: CivilWar are looking forward to work with Iron Man actor Robert Dowey Jr. These are the movies that do not need any sort of introduction. Read out the blog post to know about what the duo is planning!!!

Russo Brothers achievement:

AGBO Founders, Russo brothers have teased out that they will team up with the actor of Iron Man Robert Dowey Jr. anytime in the near future. The duo has already teamed up with Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s actor, for the successful release of Extraction under their AGBO Films banner. Russo brothers will be dropping soon Cherry which cast Tom Holland, the Spider Man’s actor.

The duo and Iron man actor:

Russo brothers might be planning to work with Robert Dowey Jr. again sometime in the near future. The directing duo has been quite busy recently with their works in developing projects for AGBO Films. The duo teased out certain ideas which included Marvel stars.

Back in April, Joe Russo said that they would love to team up with Robert Dowey Jr. again and have been talking over a few things with him. He further added that also there are projects for which he has been discussing with Chris Evans about and other two more projects about which he has been talking to Chris Hemsworth. He also said that they love their Marvel family and all the memories they create while shooting the terrifying movies which at present has reached to more than millions of people. Joe Russo said that they have a good time together along with a good laugh. He further added that he loves working with all of them.

Anchal Gupta