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Shocking truth revealed by Anonymous about some famous identities like Naomi, Campbell and more. Here are all the updates that you need to know right now!!

By Anushka Singh

For several years an anonymous identity is very famous over the internet. Eventually, the reason behind it is the shocking revelations that have been done by him following some famous personalities. Whether it as the death of George Floyd or the present of America me Donald Trump. He hasn’t left anyone from his lethal comments and controversies.

Coming to the recent happenings, he has revealed several unknown facts about the supermodel from ’80s, Naomi Campbell. As soon as the disclosures were made on a Twitter account, the audience got mad and started commenting on the old matter which was being bounced like this.

Looking more into the matter:

Not only her name was taken, but along with her several other identities were also grabbed in like Donald Trump, Jeffry Epstein, and several others. These controversies were created respecting the brutal violation which was being done on the black people settled in the state. After such shocking prophecies, he also released a documentary without any hesitation. The caption of that book was very weird and was made was Jeffry Epstein’s little black book.

What does that book contain?

This book has bounced off the names of many political and famous identities like Ivanka trump, Phil Collins, Campbell, prince Andrew, Trump, and Tony Blair.
Along with this, the book also contained some hidden truth. Among them, one was being targeted to the rape of a 13-year-old girl which was being shamefully done by Epstein and Trump. As soon as the media got to know this, the work of the anonymous touched the success. Eventually, the people started writing the comments mentioning their grief.

The reaction by Naomi Campbell:

As soon as her name was snitched in one of the happenings like this. People started commenting on social media platforms by taking her name. Some also commented on her Twitter account. Following this, she soon took the step and turned off her comment section from Instagram. However, some comments were also being written supporting the actress.

Anushka Singh