Steve Harvey and Young Sheldon cast had FUN together naming 80’s Things!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The popular series, Young Sheldon’s cast got united at the comedian Steve Harvey’s show and had a lot of fun. Lain Armitage, Montana Jordan, and Raegan Revord were in the Stev’s show. Read out the blog post to know about the fun Steve Harvey and the kids had!!!

We all know the fact that Steve Harvey is one of the popular comedians. With his great level of sense of humor, he can interact with all aged group people, either it is kids or with teenagers, or old people. He is capable of entertaining everyone with his brilliant skills and everyone loves him.

Young Seldom Cast and Steve Harvey:

This time on his show, Young Seldom casts, Lain Armitage, Montana Jordan, and Raegan Revord came on his show and had fun.

For the first time they talked about the 80s:

When the kids were invited for the first time at the beginning of 2018, Steve asked them whether the kids have any idea about things related to the 80s as their show has been set in those times. In the show, Steve played a game with the kids. He showed them images of a few things and they were required to guess what they were.

The first picture he showed them was of a disc in the 80s which the kids were not able to guess. The entire show was filled with applause. The show was full of fun where the kids’ wrong guesses added life to it and Steve’s way of correction increased the fun.

The second time  they talked about the 80s:

Later, at the ending of 2018, the Young seldom cast members were again invited to the show. This time Steve again played the same game but with a bit of change from the previous one. This time he arranged real things and asked the kids to guess them. When he announced the game, the kids went in misery. They said in unison “Oh No.” But later on, they gained interest and began to play the game with fun.

Anchal Gupta