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‘The Challenge’ RECAP!!! What Will Happen Now As ‘The Holy Trinity’ Falls Apart After A Wild Double ELIMINATION???

By Karun Gupta

The show ‘The challenge: Total Madness’ gain a lot of interest and attraction of the people. The audience is like to have some show like this. This show creates many fans in a very less amount of time. This show has a good future rating as the people have an interest in this show.

The show ‘The challenge: Total Madness’ eliminate two guys last week in the most previous episode. The new episode comes every weekly. So, in the upcoming show, a girl chance is there to start a thing that will help her to win the competition. But due to foot injury, she has to leave the game because the foot injury becomes severe and lasts more than a week. She also receives a very good farewell from the side of the show and from her competitors.

Now, for the upcoming show of The challenge: Total Madness the players are divided into five teams and they will play in these teams.

Spoiler alert for the upcoming show!!!

In the upcoming show of The challenge: Total Madness, the player has to go into the tunnel of freezing cold water and have to collect the piece of the puzzle that will help them to win the game. When you come out of the water then you have to solve the puzzle and if you decode it. Then you have to chase the prize.

Now for this season of The challenge: Total Madness the fans following will be very far better than the previous one. If there is a demand for the new season then they have to launch it as soon as possible.

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Karun Gupta