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The Dragon Prince Season 4 will show the new life of Xadia and the new Dragon heir Zym!! Read to know more details of the show!

By Deeptha Sakkarapani

One of the animated series that has been wildly loved by the audience of Netflix and other animation lovers is The Dragon Prince. Here is an update about the plot and release date of the fourth season of the show!

The Dragon Prince is an American-Canadian fantasy animation show created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz for Netflix. The show was released on September 14, 2018, and got great reviews and viewer ratings. Subsequently, the second and third seasons were released in the following year. After receiving huge support for the show, the development of a video game based on the show is underway.

The show is set in an imaginary continent of Xadia where there are humans, elves, and dragons who coexist together. After the human king kills the Dragon Prince, the people are separated between a river called the lava. Ezran, Callum, and Rayla save the Dragon’s heir, Zym who hatched from the egg and try to send him to their piece of land to be the next king. Viren and his daughter Claudia and son Soren try to sabotage their every move and kill Zym so that human king Viren will be the only king in Xadia. The friendship between Zym and humans is one of the positive points of the show.

At the end of Season 3, we can see that in the war between humans and elves, the elves win and Rayla throws Viren off a summit and kills him but Claudia revived him using dark magic. Season 4 of the show is expected to return in 2021 with the continuation of the story. The conflict between Ezran and Viren will be shown in season 4 and the new characters might be added to the show.

Deeptha Sakkarapani