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The New Mutants Movie Will Be Finally Releasing In August 2020! or Will It Be Delayed Again? Find It Here!

By Abhishek Singh

X- Men movies always gave us a good dose of action combined with emotions and gripping fight scenes. Those who followed since the classic animated series knows and cherishes those moments. The nostalgia the series gave us with our favorite X-men superheroes like Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, Deadpool, and many more. And ever since Logan (2017) which the story of wolverine ended. It gave us a major heartbreak and wishing for a new X-men movie to launch and that’s when 20th Century Studios announced “The New Mutants”. A new superhero movie with the elements of x-men and brand new storyline of a new generation of superheroes.

The promo showed a glimpse of the movie with darker themes and delving into human experimentations. Similar to the Weapon X facility where wolverine was injected with adamantium more or less. The promo of the movie announced “In theaters April 13, 2018” and the release date delayed. Again and again, until20th century studios finalized the release date of the movie set to August 28, 2020. Is the movie going to be delayed again? Then read the full article to know more about the movie and the latest news.

Is the movie releasing in August 2020?

With the movie delayed from again to again that the fans kept making fun of the movie as “the release date of “the new mutants” have mutated again. Nearly forgot about the movie and the possibility of ever releasing it again. Until 20th-century studio, Taiwan finally tweeted and promoting about the release date of new mutants on August 28. Finally, a ray of hope emerged into the fans or so we thought. Overnight they removed the release date and updated it with “coming soon”. As people took notice of the tweet. Most probably to wait for the right moment after the release of Christopher Nolan’s “TENET”.

People are now beginning to think that “The New Mutants” movie is cursed and filled with bad omens. Because it’s taking forever to release. And just when there was hope for its release, the movie “TENET” overlapping the movie and coronavirus both striking down the release date. It seems like the movie will not see the light of the day ever.

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