The Order Season 3 RENEWED? Will Veren get her powers back? Will Sarah Grey be back as Alyssa?

By Anchal Gupta

The Order Season 3 will come up to solve man questions raised by the ending of season 2.  The questions like Will Alyssa be back? and whether Veren will get her magic back? Get to know all your questions related to Season 3  here!

End of Season 2:

The Order is an American horror drama TV series. The show, created by Dennis Heaton, was first premiered on Netflix in the year 2019 in March and released its another season in June this year. The show became very popular and has made a good fanbase. However, the news regarding the renewal of the series has not been announced yet. But we may not be wrong if we believe it to have a renewal.

Specifically, after the end of season 2 where we encountered Jack to carry Alyssa into the forest with a spellbook. This led the fans to assume Alyssa’s return in the upcoming sequel. We also encountered Lilith to come back from the demon realm and Very to loss her powers.

Has Season 3 renewed???

The season 3 of The Order has not been announced officially, but we may expect it to get a renewal announcement soon. The delay might be the consequence of the current crisis.


We may expect the casts from the previous series to reprise their roles. The appearance of Sarah Grey who appeared as Alyssa is a huge question.


The release date of the sequel has not been announced yet. First of all, we need to wait for the announcement of the renewal of the series for the third season.

But we may anticipate that the sequel will come up in 2021.


Since there is no renewal update, we have no trailer of Season 3. The only thing we all have in our store is Season 2 and 1.

It would be exciting to see what the makers have for us in their store for season 3. As for now, we can only wait for the confirmation of the renewal.

Till then you can binge-watch the other two seasons which are available on Netflix.

Anchal Gupta