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“The Society Season 2”: Is this an “inter-dimensional paradox” in place? Read to know more about what’s about to come!

By Kiku Sharma

Inter-dimensional plots have become a thing now. No, we’re not going to discuss “Dark Season 3” and ruin it for you. We’re just as confused as to what happened there, as you are! However, we’ve got another one of these mystery adventure stories you might want to check out.

“The Society” is an American TV series which premiered on Netflix in May 2019. It had a pretty interesting plot, and the intense plot points made it one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The raw portrayal of how inhuman humans can become when in despair, that too, within high school students, made the series that much more special. Were they interested, already? Well, keep reading to know more!

Release date: “The Society Season 2.”

Following the huge response after Season 1, the creators were quick to announce the second season as well. Originally, it was supposed to come in late 2020. However, due to the global pandemic situation, the production has been put to hold now. This delay has made a 2020 release impossible, but a mid-2021 date should be in the cards as of now. We can just wait and watch!

Star cast: “The Society Season 2.”

In this series, almost all of the lead characters are teenagers. We’ve got Allie Pressman playing Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon as Becca Gelb, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Helena, and Jacques Colimon as Will LeClair. An interesting part of this series is that there aren’t any lead characters as such. Hence, the varied aspects and reactions of the different characters help add to the flavor of the story!

Plot: “The Society Season 2”

At the end of Season 1, we have a short scene where Allie’s mother pets the same dog the children had found in their parallel universe. This gives us an idea that there will be some sort of a connection that would be made in the upcoming season. Also, there have been no confirmations regarding this inter-dimensional aspect as well. Hence Season 2 should be shedding some light on exactly what happened!

The story had already reached the stage where the children had already used up their existing food resources, and Grizz had gone on an expedition to find a field suitable for farming. Although we get to know he has good news, we don’t exactly know what it is! Will these guys be able to set up their independent ecosystem? Being on their own, they’ve already dug up quite a few of their parent’s dark secrets. What will they discover next?

Well, as you see, an entire plethora of such questions remained to be answered at the end of Season 1. So, Season 2 will be something to look out for!

Storyline: “The Society Season 2”

Here, we’ll give you a little idea about the series, if you haven’t watched it already! So, the mystery starts when a group of high school students leaves for a field trip in the outskirts. Soon after they leave, they find out that the roads to the camp are blocked, and they have no option but to return home. Here is when things start to get messy! Once they return, they realize that there’s no one there in the entire town; everybody’s vanished into thin air!

As they try to find out what exactly happened, they’re faced with the harsh truth that now they’re on their own. Soon enough, these teenagers start discovering the ugly sides of life and how messed up people can get when pushed to the edge. Some of the kids even lose their lives in the heat of the moment! Thus, it’s the perfect mixture of mystery, tragedy, and teenage hormones you need to watch out for sure!

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