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Truth revealed about why really the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the royal family?

By Anushka Singh

Reportedly we heard about the several reasons that forced the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle along with her husband Prince Harry to leave the royal palace. According to the statement revealed, Meghan went to the queen for giving her some suggestions. Unfortunately, these suggestions turned down into shame for her when nothing was considered by the queen. This lead to the release of many untold conversations regarding the Meghan in the buzz.

The death of the prince’s mother:

Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry loved his mom so much and due to that, he blamed Charles for all his deed. He incurred that if Charles wouldn’t have cheated his mother then she would have survived till now. This lead to a harsh conversation between them both and could be suspected as the reason behind them to leave the Palace.

Publishing a book inspired by their life:

Soon the couple released the statement regarding them to release a book that will be inspired by their existence. We all had a first thought that might be it reveals all the dirty secrets of the royal family. But maybe this isn’t the whole truth as we have heard that it would be solely based on the life of Prince and Harry. Let’s wait for the book to soon get published so that we can also get influenced by both of their lives.

Nothing good with the brother as well:

According to our sources, we have heard that nothing was good between the Duke of Cambridge and Sussex. The reason behind it could be the media influence of Markle that’s being avoided by the royal family. This all leads to the situation where Harry and Meghan thought that they don’t have any chance to survive here. And this resulted in the duo moving out of the palace leaving behind all the dynastic honors.

Nevertheless, nobody releases the exact reasons for the matters cooking inside their families. Similarly, this could also be the same and on the other side, this all can also be a rumor. Because the truth of the royal family is purely known only by the members of the royal family.

Anushka Singh