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Wanna know hoe Emilie and Jason became the best of friends on the GoT show? Get all the new and latest updates about The Game of Thrones show also. Why wait?

By Priyanka Peddinti

I am sure many people have at least heard about the Games of Thrones. Maybe, you might not have seen it, I recommend it as it is a must-watch. Even one proper season of the following and you will turn out to be bigger and better fans. So, what is so special about it and the cast that made it such a hit? To answer that question you must first see the show.

However, my topic for today is not to write how beautiful the show is or how amazing the script is. My topic for today is about two stars Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa. These two are the best of friends, who also work together in the Games of Thrones. This stretches way back to the year 2011 when the two met on the sets of the show. Clarke played the role of Daenerys Targaryen and Momoa played the role of Daenery’s husband. Their marriage was an arranged one. However, the Game of Thrones came to an abrupt halt at the end of Season 1.

Despite all the shortcomings or favorable events, these two have managed to strike a chord of lifelong friendship. Momoa has even opened up about how terrifying Clarke is, in the good sense. Recently, both of them showed, how their recent “reunion” went ahead. The 6’4’’ tall actor and the 5’2’’ actress form a formidable duo. So, in the recent past, she revealed: “With you, I feel two feet small”.

She also goes on record to say that, Jason is an amazing person to hang out with. Same with Clarke, even he went on record to say some nice things about her. He said, keeping a friendship like this, takes some effort from both of them. Even with their priorities, they still manage to take some time off and catch up with each other’s lives.

This reminds me of something, “Great friends and great friendships last together, no matter come what may. ”

Priyanka Peddinti

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