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By Priyanka Peddinti

Almost all of us cherish one thing throughout our lifetimes. That is undoubtedly the college and the university days. We are in such a zone and process that none of us will ever be in the future. The college days are times when our energy is at its peak and innocence is just about to dwindle. These will be the days when we can enjoy ourselves to the fullest. Also, the highlight of this time is the friendships. Unknowingly or knowingly, we end up meeting our best friends for life and in the process of creating everlasting lifelong memories.

Ok, now without wasting further time, let me tell you that this article will cover the same topic. Today’s topic is about two college going girls, who play the central role in this show. The show, or rather the web series is about Alexa and Katie.

The show was a resounding success, to say the least. We have previously seen four seasons and still could not have enough of it. Recently, when the fourth season came to an end, fans were still hoping to hear about the next season. However, we still could not get a concrete confirmation about the same.

Before we venture further down on the path of uncertainty, let me tell you about this story on Netflix, which went on to be so dearly loved by the audience. The show was created in the year 2018 by the very talented Heather Wortham. The show shows Alexa battling the deadly cancer disease and how her dear friend Katie supports her all the way through. When Alexa gets diagnosed with cancer, their worlds come tumbling down. The support makes their journey easy through high school. Then finally Alexa can beat Cancer and that way both the girls finish their high schooling. The show is more relatable with a bigger and better supporting cast, each of whom exactly portrays the different types of people who we come across in schools.

Next, both of them have a very tough time leaving the school and the memories behind. With tears in their eyes and a firm resolve to keep in touch both these girls head towards college.

Well, the show was received very well all over Netflix. Adding to that, it even got nominated to the Emmy’s. the final few episodes streamed on June 13th this year. It was as difficult for the actors to bid farewell as much as it was for us. Paris Berlec goes on record to say that. Everyone on the set had become like one big family. The same was echoed by Isabel Berlec. All of the cast will be ever grateful for such an opportunity that came across.

Now coming to the cast of the show.

We have:
1. Paris Berlec as Alexa Mendonza
2. Isabel May as Katie Cooper
3. Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer Cooper
4. Emery Kelly as Lucas Mendoza
5. Eddie Shin as Dave Mendoza
6. Finn Car as Jack Cooper
7. Merit Leighton as Hannah
8. Tiffany Theissen as Lori Mendoza.

With respect, to the fifth season, no one knows if at all there will be one. However, we can remain optimistic, right? So for further updates, make sure to stay tuned to this space.
Until then, Goodbye!

Priyanka Peddinti

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