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Want to know what are the differences and similarities between CS:GO and Valorant? Catch some much needed points here!

By Priyanka Peddinti

CS-Go is one of the most trending games in India as well as in the entire world. And why not? Give me one good reason as to why it should be so famous and engaging people of all ages who are, of course, some of the most talented computer gaming personalities. It is also built on similar lines as PUBG. But what makes it different is the addition of different concepts. And what are those? Let us have a small article on that. And oh! By the way, this article is also sort of a competitive study on CS-Go and another game that is named as Valorant. Ever heard of it? If yes, and then good and you will enjoy this very much. If not, then after reading this article you will have enough amount of knowledge about both the games. And I am sure you are going to pick up one game, religiously and diligently follow and it masters it, once and for all. Well, Valorant, in my opinion, has not reached the level Counter-Strike has reached, that is because both the games were targeted for a different fan base. But still, make sure to read the article till the end.

So here we go, first the similarities:

The game revolves around planting and exploding a site: both of these are team-based games and the one which is better at attacking and eliminating opponents more efficiently wins the game. While both of the games share this similarity but there is a difference in one of the games. CS is the one in which you have to even protect the plant site.

Information is the king: any team which has a higher and deeper knowledge about the terrain and the opponents will have an upper hand. For the attackers, it is necessary to be quick and on the toes. For the defenders, patience is the key and also a foolproof plan to execute and strangle the attacking teammates.

Accuracy: shooting at the proper person at the proper time, with your team without falling in danger. Looking for more such targets and doing the same. Need I say more?

Now coming to the difference which is present on the Valorant.

  1. Agents instead of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists
  2. Can see opponent credits during the buy phase
  3. Movement
  4. Each map has special features
  5. Different Spray patterns and alternate fire

That’s it for the day. Make sure you play and enjoy the experience yourself.

Priyanka Peddinti

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