What is happening between Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper, are things back on track or going for the worse?

By Priyanka Peddinti

Irina Shayk is known to be a very glamorous model. But this glam industry has some very dark drawbacks and pitfalls that all of us know, right? It is an open secret. As much as it pays you, gives you fame makes you an influencer or buys yourself a beautiful and sprawling house in California, it can be equally energy-sapping and take a huge mental toll on people who aren’t mentally prepared for the toil. This industry has given lifelong friendships as well as bitter enemies. It has all the characteristics of a topsy turvy world.

Anyways, setting this topic aside for a while now, let us cast our focus on Irina Shayk. For those who know her, she is best remembered for being the partner of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Later, when they split up, she became friends with Bradley Cooper, which also turned into a serious relationship for some time.
Now, with that over too, here is what the latest updates about her are. After splitting with Bradley Cooper, Irina is in good spirits, enjoying her “me time”, taking everything in a good comical inclination. In a recent Instagram activity, she put up a picture with her companion Inga Rubenstein on some seashore.

The picture shows her to be very charismatic, as she is always. She is dressed in a white costume, the atmosphere lit up with beautiful lights and giving the background a nice cheerful and merry look. The socialite beside her is dressed in a nightgown. Bad combination? Let us know in the comments section!

The mannequin is captioned with the word “Not too long ago to marry”, along with an emoticon of two women dancing. Planner Eli Mizrahi commented Properly Accomplished! Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have a little two-year-old girl together. Her name is Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. Both of them separated in June 2019, exactly a year back. The reason was not made very clear to the media.

However, for the sake of their little girl, the attempted for the things to get back to normal as soon as possible. However, as much as we know, the issue has not been able to mend. Now too, things are under deliberations. All they want is a healthy environment for their girl and all the talks revolve around her, presently
Stay tuned to this space, for further updates.

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