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What is the latest updates about Brian Austin’s and Megan Fox’s relationship? Stay tuned to catch up all the facts!

By Priyanka Peddinti

None of us are strangers to how things work out in the glamour industry. There is nothing permanent here, beyond all the shimmer and glimmer, all it is left is a very high probability of things being volatile. And when I said nothing is permanent, I also meant that relationships and bonding between people are not permanent either. Now, hold your breath, for what you will be reading next.
Megan Fox and Brian Austin were in a relationship for 11 years! Hold on! Which means more than a decade, but ended the same way 95% of relationships in the glam industry end. Why so?

So, if I now have your attention, let me get you some more interesting facts. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were together since the year 2004, only to call it quits in the year 2015 August. And a decade is a pretty long time by the standards and the trends of this industry. I am sure, eleven years is a pretty long time to experience all the crests and troughs very nicely. But, what is more, astonishing is the fact that this separation, or to be more clear, this divorce comes just before the couple had planned their third child together.

Let us go back in time, to the year 2004. The time when Brian and Megan met. Both of them had met in eighteen-year-old Megan’s talk show named Hope and Faith (how ironic!) and both of them seemed to be clicking with each other with no compatibility problems whatsoever. Also, Megan, later on, went to reveal that it was an almost instantaneous connection. Brian was almost 30 years then. Also, he had a child from his first marriage, Kassius.

Both of them dated for a while and finally got engaged in the year 2006. This was when bitterness started to creep in, the year 2009. Megan’s career got off to an astronomical start after being cast in Michael Bay’s movie Transformers 1 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. At the same time, Brian was working on several smaller projects like the ones in television series. Maybe, this contrasting career graph was the primary reason, among many, to strain their relationship. They called off their wedding in the same year. A year later, things were fine again and both of them were getting married in a posh place in Hawaii islands.

Fast forward another two years, that is 2012!

The couple has a child together, Noah Shannon, and another one two years down the line in the year 2024. The second child is called Bodhi Ransom. Yet again, there came some strains. The very next year in 2015, they filed for a divorce, due to irreconcilable differences.

Now, sit back and be excited again when I say, that 2016 was all good and then the very same year, Megan announced her third pregnancy. What happens next, is, after all, a matter of time. Let us stay tuned to catch up with all the other updates.
Till then, good day!

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