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Who will get Rick’s comics storyline at the end of The Walking Dead? Details here!

After nearly 11 years of fabled zombie apocalypse TV series “The Walking Dead” by AMC is finally finishing after Season 11. Based on how things ended for our protagonist Rick Grimes, the man who lost everything, his wife, his son, and his dear ones in the apocalypse. And with the comics of “The Walking Dead” coming to an end, we are looking forward to who’ll take Rick’s place. Read on more to know about the fate of the popular zombie apocalypse franchise and what the writers have in store for the series?

Warning: Contains major comic spoilers.

What parts will the TV series adapt from the comics of Walking Dead?

Based on the events that took place in the previous seasons. We can fairly assume that the final season of the zombie apocalypse show will barely follow the last two volumes of the comics. With the story of Rick and his Co, discovering and settling in the commonwealth.

The development of the story occurs with Dwight rebelling against the status quo, Rick killing him to ensure peace. But unintentionally gave the birth to civil war with his actions. In the end, Rick solves it with an epic speech, the usual Rick.

Shockingly the governor’s son takes it personally and he himself shoots Rick in the bed, ending the rule of Rick Grimes at last.

It’s an emotionally powerful and compelling story for our main protagonist. So the show is most definitely want to envision this particular scene in the series. But with the departure of AndrewLincoln, we know rick is out of the picture, so who will get this final end?

A definite choice for the fans is Daryl, who is a worthy character of taking Rick’s place. Carrying on many comic storylines,  with the announcement of the Carol and Daryl spin-off. This also takes away the chance of him taking the mantle as the central protagonist, so that leaves Maggie, Gabriel, Aaron, and lastly Ezekiel.

Whoever takes the role for the ending of the series makes it so that it delivers the emotional setting that is portrayed in comics event “Rest in Peace”. We can only hope the writers deliver the final set of the series in an emotional roundabout to keep the story interesting and satisfying conclusion to the end.