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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Shocking view of Raising strong kids and looks like that’s why Jaden Smith reached the edge to almost dying??

By Dhenakar VP

A famous child star Jaden Smith well known for “Karate Kid”

moreover a 21 years old rapper well aware of his performances in “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

Now the Karate kid, The Earth stood still might not best of health. The famous rapper suffering from nutrition imbalances after adopted a vegan diet.

Jaden’s parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett demonstrate their concern about Jaden’s health in September 2019. They both concerned Jaden looked malnourished besides covered with dark circles.

Will Smith arranged for a health intervention for Jaden to fully understand his illness and what to do to get him back as normal.

After the parents appointed health experts for Jaden’s health problems it turned out Jaden had vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 deficiency also Jaden’s diet not include enough proteins and necessary nutrients that his body need to keep well.

During this bad time of illness, Jaden Smith revealed and said that people often ask him that if he had some water and if he sick or ill. Jaden said that “I’m here eating also. Like I’m good. I’m fine.”

Moreover, Jaden not very happy with overreactions that he receiving from the public about his health issues. Earlier Jaden apprehensive of interacting the medical doctors for better medical results. But, with a small help and support from his father Jaden consults the doctors.

The health experts said that he needs to implement fish and meat in his diet to get better normal and to make other health and routine changes in his diet.

The rapper currently not in a critical health condition. Most likely to improve if he makes the necessary health changes in his diet. Now Jaden trying his best to get better and a good healthier life.

Dhenakar VP