Wise Man’s Grand child Season-2 will be back or not!!!And lot more about it!!Check it out

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Kenja no Mago is a light novel. The author of the novel is Tsuyyoshi Yoshioka (Wise Man’s Grandchild). It is an anime TV show which is adapted by silver link. This show first aired from 10th April to 26th June 2019.

Plot of season-1

The story stated that a man died in an accident at a very young age. He has taken a rebirth into another world which is full of magic. A person called “Sage Merlin Wolfworld has picked up the baby”. He has named him “Shin”. Merlin teaches him how to get fetching powers. King of that kingdom wants Shin to attend Magic Academy. There he rescued two girls.

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Release Date

As the season one story did not lead any indications of season-2. There is no official;l announcement of the second season in the near 2020. Publishers did not provide ant clue of the new season.

Although the new season of any series depends on the demand of the public. Sales and profits have done by season-1. Makers are always in sea-saw condition whether the new series will gain the attention of the audience or not.

Bussiness done by season-1 is quite appreciable. A new fanbase is required to get a huge success. The wise man grandchild adapted volume-3 of the light novel. So we can except season-2 to have volume-4 for this story. So the source for the story is quite enough. Makers of anime want to make a profit. Everyone who is in the business field will first see the interest of the audience in the story. In terms of making a profit, last season was not good. So, for now, all we can say is that currently there is no news from sources to have a second season.