Xbox revenue goes up by 64%..!! Also, Microsoft earns over $1 billion in 2020 due to Pandemic..!!

By author.divka

The ongoing pandemic has quickly confined everyone to their homes. These efforts are important to contain the virus. With this confinement comes immense boredom. People have resorted to other ways to keep their minds off the tension going on in this world. Gaming is one arena in which people have aced to keep themselves entertained!

Gaming is a fun way to keep you engaged during the pandemic!

What is Xbox?

Microsoft owns this video game brand. You get a series of video game consoles in it. It is very successful because it is aimed at the more hardcore gamers. It is claimed to be the first console that allowed players to compete against other players online.

Why has it gained so much popularity in the lockdown?

The lockdown has been harsh on people in a number of ways. The first being that people have literally nothing to do! Students are idle, and they took hold of the opportunity that the world offered! The fact is that people have more time in their hands now. This has been a major reason for lots of people resorting to gaming.

Covid-19 and the Xbox

According to Microsoft, there has been a 64% surge in the Xbox content and services revenue! Microsoft saw a surge in hardware revenue by 49%!

Xbox contents and services are continuously showing sustained growth. The gaming industry alone, under the Microsoft umbrella, has earned about $1.3 billion in revenue! And here we’re talking just about the game sales and subscriptions. The Xbox consoles frequently went out of stock in the U.S.

Social distancing and gaming

Following the norms of social distancing, meeting our loved ones is not possible. All said and done, some human interaction is absolutely essential for our survival. These multiplayer games allow virtual interaction from the comfort of our homes. Their demand is likely to increase!