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“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp won’t work on iOS 14, Nintendo planning fix”. Tap to know more!!

In an in-app notification issued this morning, Nintendo confirmed that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp won’t work on devices running iOS fourteen, that is thanks for rolling dead set many Apple devices tomorrow.

The notification, pictured below, specifies that the app won’t begin once the gap it’s tried on iOS fourteen and formally recommends that players who set up on the change to iOS 14 mustn’t do this till the difficulty is self-addressed later in this month.
For people who conjointly play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iPad, this can be devices running iPad OS fourteen.
Nintendo can send another update once it’s safe for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players to update their devices, thus get on the lookout for additional news.
Three days past in Japan, Nintendo launched its 1st mobile app, the primary of purportedly several in a very new era for the corporate. The app, Miitomo, is supposed to act as a social middle and is accessible for all smartphone users, even non-Nintendo fans.
The app was greeted with a nearly astonishingly huge quantity of support from smartphone users, and it even surpassed the success of Line, an electronic communication application that’s extraordinarily well-liked in Japan.
The success of Miitomo ought to be taken as an honest sign for Nintendo, as this can be not solely the primary mobile application launch by the corporate, however conjointly the primary product of the Nintendo/Dena partnership. If the app is proving thus well-liked, then the partnership is being well-received. However, we’re certain the launch of Miitomo is being rigorously monitored by Nintendo, because the way forward for their mobile success and endeavors may bank heavily on its continued success.
Unfortunately, several believe Nintendo must watch out in. However, they handle their validation from here on out. In a step with some users, and Dr. Serkan Toto, Miitomo’s validation is aggressive, and considering the app is additional in line thereupon of a traveler than it’s a game, it’s still unpredictable on wherever Nintendo and DeNA could escort an additional developed, full-fledged title.

Still, it’s exciting to visualize Nintendo succeed thus quickly in a very new endeavor, particularly one that several fans were thus unsure concerning once it had been initially proclaimed. As Miitomo is supposed to launch someday this month worldwide, we’re certain additional news and numbers are returning beyond our means. Keep tuned for more!