Call of Duty League Champs 2020 : Dates, Schedule, Format & Everything You Need To Know About The Championship!!!

By Manjari Shukla

The Call of Duty League seems to have inadvertently uncovered the dates for the Champs 2020 occasion, which will occur online in light of the on-going danger of COVID-19.

During the finish of the CDL New York stream on July 12, the organization had a little note up about Champs having a $4.2 million prize pool, and it demonstrated the dates of August 29-30. It’s not authoritatively affirmed at this point if these are the dates or in the event that it was a mistake by the communicating committee.

The organization has not authoritatively declared the dates for the meet starting at now, just expressing in their official declarations that the occasion happens in August.

Champs will include a twofold disposal section with every one of the 12 groups, with higher positioned groups by standings seeing byes in initial not many rounds, while lower-positioned groups will begin in the looser’s category of the occasion.

The inaugural interval of the Call of Duty League (CDL) is approaching its decision. Balancing the Modern Warfare season is the 2020 CDL Championship and it will be the first occasion when that every one of the 12 establishment groups will fight it out in a similar competition.

The occasion denotes the finish of the primary period of the geo-found franchised class which denoted a fresh out moment for Call of Duty esports.

Discover all the data you have to think about the competition, including the organization, prize pool, and those exceptionally significant seeds heading into the greatest competition of the year!

Dates and times

COD Champs 2020’s dates may have been ascertained to be the 29th-30th August 2020.

While no official explanation has been made, it has been affirmed to be an online occasion.

The prize pool on the realistic is really wrong, which means it could be an error. As indicated by these dates, the occasion is as far as anyone knows going to be done in a shorter timeframe than a Home series.

The last CDL occasion of the year is the Toronto Ultra Home series, occurring on the 24th-26th of July.

Which means we can expect COD Champs 2020 to occur at some point during August.

The CDL will furnish all players taking an interest in the vital hardware to abstain from cheating.


All through the season, the groups have been gaining CDL Points through winning matches and setting in the main six at Home Series events. The focuses earned will figure out where the groups start the double-elimination competition.

For the first time this season, groups will contend in a double elimination section to decide the victor of the Call of Duty League Champs 2020.

Hypothetically, the main two seeds could win the whole competition by playing only three matches, anything could occur and frequently does!

Manjari Shukla