Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 will have a NEW MAP!!! Read to know what all new will be there in the MAP?

By Nandita Gogoi

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter multiplayer game released for the platforms Android and iOS. The game was first released on October 1, 2019. It was published by Activision and developed by TiMi Studios. When the game was first released, it had over 148 million downloads. The game has over 250 million downloads as of June 2020. Recently the game has developed a new map. Let’s know in detail about it.

Announcement of a new map in Call of Duty: Mobile

A new map was teased on June 27 via the official twitter account of Call of Duty: Mobile, “Hope you’re not afraid of heights. Dropping soon in the next season of #CODMobile.” In Season 8, the new map will be added to the game. The upcoming new map is expected to be Highrise from the looks of it. Highrise is the classic map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is not the first time that maps from earlier Call of Duty are added to the mobile game.

The latest Highrise map will include aiming down the sights and also keeping the balance as the player move. Highrise will be a lot more complex terrain-wise compared to the maps that are already in COD Mobile. The map has lots of walls, crates, and other obstacles along with more adventures.

More details about the game

Now, season 7 is going on in the Call of Duty: Mobile. This season arrived on June 13. New game modes are added to season 7 which included a new training mode and Attack of the Undead. The update also has added new maps such as Beach Town and Tunisia. Other updates include smoke bomber, a new vehicle tank, new zones such as Ski Town, Downtown, Harbor, Black Market, Sanitarium, Frigid Wetlands, and Heat. There will many new updates in the upcoming season along with the new map.

Nandita Gogoi