Dark Souls 4: Will the Game be releasing soon? Gameplay, Release date, what to expect and more!!!

By Nandita Gogoi

Dark Souls is an installment in the Soul series. FromSoftware developed the games. Under the soul series, the first game was Demon’s Souls followed by Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III. Hidetaka Miyazaki is the creator of the game. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Dark Souls 4.

Dark Souls 4

The soul series originally came in 2009 and the last installment in the game released in 2018. Since then, there are a lot of rumors going around about the release of Dark Souls 4. Now it seems that the chances of Dark souls 4 coming soon are slimmer. There is also bad news that the developers are at present working on Season 4.

But Hidetaka Miyazaki suggested way back in 2015 that the haunting universe will be back for more. Miyazaki said at 2015’s E3 that: “[Dark Souls 3] is still not the final product for the Dark Souls series. However, [he] believes this will probably be the turning point for the Dark Souls series.

Where could take place in S4?

Season 4 is expected to be different from the previous versions. It may be set to be played during the metaphysically apocalyptic Age of Dark, or the game will no longer be set in a clear-cut medieval setting. A paradigm shift is expected from the next dark souls game.


Season 4 features are not known yet. The game is not developed and there is also no development news. But something different is expected to be in the upcoming game series. A hub driven and streamlined that is emblematic of Dark Souls is expected to be portrayed.

Dark Souls 4 in 2020

The answer is pretty much no to the release of Dark Souls in 2020. The announcement is also pending which may not come anytime soon. Now the developers are busy with the making of another game. So even if Season 4 is going to come, it is not happening soon.

Nandita Gogoi