Diablo III’s Episode 21 will be out SOON!!! Read about Latest news on Diablo IV!!!

By Sanika Totade

Blizzard Entertainment just released the details about the 21st season of Diablo III. They released the third installment of the ‘Diablo’ series in 2012. Read more to learn about Diablo III’s episode 21 plot, theme, and developments.

About the Diablo Series-

The first game in the series ‘Diablo’ was released by Blizzard Entertainment and developed by Blizzard North. They released the game way back, in 1997. Diablo II came into the picture in 2000. Diablo III took a longer time to release. The makers announced the game in 2008 but they released it no sooner than on 15th

May 2012.

The Plot-

The place where Diablo takes place is the ‘Mortal Realm’. It is the place where the worlds of man, the High Heavens and the Burning Hells all exist together.  Initially, the war was fought between the angels of heaven and the devils of hell.

The game is in the town of ‘Tristram’ which is attacked by the demons. The gamer can play a boy or a girl who has to save the town of Tristram and its people by fighting the demons.

As you play you learn more about the Demon Diablo. With each completed level, you get a step closer to him. The player fights Demon Diablo in the final level of hell. The mission, naturally, is to vanquish Diablo!

The creators of the game have set Diablo III 20 years after the happenings of Diablo II.

About Diablo III-

Diablo III takes place in the same setting of Diablo; Tristram Cathedral. Blizzard Entertainment is its developer. They release a new season of the game every three months. The fans of the game are anticipating the release of the Diablo III’s episode 21 as the developers released the last season in February. More than three months have passed since then.

Release Date-

Blizzard Entertainment has updated the gamers in their latest announcement. They will be releasing the 21st season on the 3rd of July! The makers named the latest season ‘Trials of Tempest’.

Blizzard confirmed Diablo 4 in November 2019. We can expect the fourth part to release by 2021! Here’s a sneak peek!

Sanika Totade