Famous LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is back in Stores for Purchase..!! Honest Review..!!

By Nandita Gogoi

The Nintendo Entertainment System remains an integral part of video game history nearly 35 years after its release in the United States. It is also one of the most iconic consoles ever made. Now the same set ha shit stores again and the kids of eighties and nineties will love the console that has come again. One of the most impressive Lego kits ever produced is the Lego’s Nintendo Entertainment System set. Let’s know in detail about the impressive kits that are in stores now.

The Nintendo Entertainment System is now available in stores

It is great news that the Nintendo Entertainment system has come to the market. The same is now available in the LEGO Store for purchasing. The price of the set is $229.99. It is an intricate set that will bring all the childhood memories back and is a very interesting game although the price is somewhat high. The game is worth the price.

The game is now available only in LEGO stores and is expected to go out to retailers next year. The LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack and a slew of add-ons are also available at the LEGO store for buying.

Reviews on the Gaming Console

The gaming set consists of some incredible features such as the original Super Mario Bros buildable level and the NES console small scale model. The console has a makeshift model of an 80s-style TV set in addition to the level and the console design. The Tv set has built inside the Mario Track and allows the players to control the heroic plumbers across the level through a crank on the side of the TV.
The console also fits a game cartridge for Super Mario Bros and a replica of the NES controller. It as a whole gives an experience of reliving their youthful memories to the veteran builders.

Nandita Gogoi