Far Cry has been ANNOUNCED for season 6!!! Director Navid Khavari explains the New Politically-Charged Setting of the Game!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The Far Cry franchise has got its Sixth season. Ubisoft Toronto’s Far cry 6 has been officially announced. The game’s trailer has teased out certain amusing and incredible things about the game. Besides, the director of the game, Navid Khavari, has further explained the politically-charged settings of the game. Read out the blog post to get to know about the game!!!

Credits: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6:

Far Cry 6 has been announced officially. The game is set in the Caribbean Island where there are a lot of tensions.

The player would play as Dani Rojas, who is also the protagonist of the gameplay. In the trailer you can see Anton Castillo, the main antagonist, to explain his teenage son, Diego, about the chaotic nature of governing society and wants him to understand his perspective.

What is the game all about and what Navid Khavari says???

Here, in the upcoming game, the citizens of Yara rise up for themselves to fight for their freedom rather than waiting for someone like a superhero to come for their help and save them from the oppressive rulers. The upcoming sequel is more focused on the dynamic of revolution and how the citizens fight for themselves. The story is about combating fascism. The player will be playing as a member of the anti-fascist movement. The game is set in the time of great political turmoil that took place in Yara.

Credits: Ubisoft

Navid Khavari explained about how the protagonist of the sequel fits into the political and adventurous scenario and gameplay of the game. Navid said that all the ideas came from the attempts to try for understanding the idea of revolution. He said that when before four and half years they all began working on the game, had begun their research for the history of revolutions, and also of guerrilla revolution. He further said that when they came on the inspiration of Cuba they became excited and spent a month to understand that.

Anchal Gupta