Ghost Of Tsushima : Where to find Torii Gates and major Charms?? Shinto Shrine Guide to all 16 Locations!!!

By Priyanka Thakur

Investigating Tsushima Island in Ghost of Tsushima turns up a lot of remunerations. A few areas award you uncommon missions that gain you probably the best capacities and defensive layer in the game; others, as underground aquifers, support your wellbeing, while Bamboo Strikes increment your purpose. The 16 Shinto Shrines dissipated over the island give you some key making materials for improving your bows while giving Major Charms, which you can prepare to gain uncommon advantages.

Every one of the Shinto Shrines is an ecological riddle you’ll have to tackle. You can find each hallowed place by discovering Torii entryways that will lead you toward the altars however the entirety of the ways have been crushed or harmed, expecting you to figure out how to go around them by climbing. Here’s the place to discover every one of the Shinto Shrines in Tsushima and which rewards they’ll give you, so you can organize your chase.

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Shinto Shrine Locations in Act 1

The entirety of the accompanying Shinto Shrines can be gotten to when you’re allowed to meander the open world. In any case, as a reference, a few holy places situated in the beginning region of the guide require the catching snare. In that capacity, we’ve set the area of these specific Shinto Shrines in Act 2. As that is the point at which you’ll have the option to get to them appropriately.

There are 5 Shinto Shrines to discover in Act 1.

  1. Mending Rock Shrine

  2. Golden Summit Shrine

  3. Arrow Peak Shrine

  4. Plum Blossom Shrine

  5. Spring Falls Shrine

Shinto Shrine Locations in Act 2

These Shinto Shrines must be gotten to past a specific point in the principle story. 2 of them are situated back in the beginning region of the guide, yet they require the catching snare to finish, which you’ll have gained by this point in the game.

There are 8 Shinto Shrines to discover Act 2.

  1. Winding Mountain Shrine
  2. Stone Dragon Shrine

  3. Stone Dragon Shrine
  4. Marsh Rock Shrine
  5. Scarlet Rock Shrine
  6. Hazy Cliff Shrine
  7. Lush Peak Shrine
  8. Cloud Ridge Shrine
  9. Turtle Rock Shrine

Shinto Shrine Locations in Act 3

There are 3 Shinto Shrines in Act 3.

  1. Frost Cliff Shrine
  2. Crane Mountain Shrine
  3. Snowlit Peak Shrine

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Priyanka Thakur