Grand Theft Auto 6 to be released soon?? Here’s all that we know!!!

By author.divka

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a series of games by Rockstar Games. David Jones and Mike Dailly are the creators of this action-adventure game series. Most of the locations of this game are fictional ones, namely Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City.

The player can choose any mission to proceed in the game, and he can also choose interesting side activities. These include shooting, driving, and action-adventure. The ones who betray you (the protagonist) become the villain! It has gained massive critical and commercial success. It is the fourth highest-selling game merchandise in the world! The game claims revenue to over $9 billion!

Why is GTA so popular?

GTA operates on an open-world theme. This paves way for the player’s own creativity, without sticking to the storyline. With a wonderful script and interesting characters, it is very popular. You can play it on a gaming console, a PC, a smart device, and a handheld device as well! It is not that difficult to play and has a very engaging format.

So far, there have been 11 stand-alone games in the series. GTA 5 has been one of the most popular chapters of this franchise. The latest game that fans eagerly await is GTA 6. Are there any updates on its release?

Is GTA 6 in the making?

Many people will find it hard to believe, but GTA 5 came out way back in 2013! That is 7 years ago! It is hugely popular even today. Seven years is a long time, and there has been no news on GTA 6. Rockstar Games has not announced anything in this respect, so we don’t expect a release date soon. Even without official announcements, rumors are definitely circulating!

When will GTA 6 release?

Even though Rockstar revealed that an expanded edition of GTA-5 will release in 2021, there is no news about GTA 6. The most probable guess would be 2023 or even 2024. In fact, according to a former Rockstar Games producer, GTA 6 won’t be coming till 2023.

We have our fingers crossed and hope that we hear some good news soon!