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Latest Updates of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2..!! Click to Read..!!

You must surely go through these updates of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2!

Our longtime lovers of Final Fantasy are really large in number. Who even knew that the character CID will make the sequels a hit performance? The chances of him appearing in the second sequel are very high. You must know that the fans are currently expecting CID HIGHWIND to be a party member in Final Fantasy 7.

You must also be aware even spoilers have arrived in the Final Fantasy 7. As of CID HIGHWIND, he is a mechanical scientist whose dream is to send a rocket into outer Given the fact that there is a combination of Cloud Strife and the remainder of the party. Our series involves Shinra after an episode between the megacorporation.

Latest Updates of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2..!! Click to Read..!!

And the scientists who lived with Cid, Shera, are thinking about the rocket before it’s launched. Our scientist who have been burnt alive, if the rocket was launched, so the mission was stopped. As of Cid’s personality, it’s a bit rude. Those of you are die-hard fans must be aware that many of his words are censored with random characters in the original Final Fantasy 7.

CID has a rude personality.

And regarding CID’s function, he will play more of a Dragoon function. For it is very much similar to Freya at Final Fantasy 9, he wields various spears and specializes in melee strikes. Magics are completely ignored. For he has a very course attitude as mentioned before, he is the secret to commanding the airship, the HIGHWIND.

AIRSHIP Creation credit goes to Cid

Our airship creation credit goes to Cid while he worked for Shinra. Who even knew that he will but forcefully take it back? Convincing the ship crew to join him later was all that he did. You must now be aware of how now Barret and Tifa can be rescued from implementation.

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