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Patch notes introduced Match Cancellation in Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2, check out the details here.

By Shailly Panwar

Ubisoft’s most loved video game from the Rainbow Six series, Rainbow Six Siege has now become more exciting with some new features. Here is everything you need to know about modifications in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. First, let’s take a look at Rainbow six series’ history and earlier games.

>Rainbow Six series: Overview

Rainbow six series’ video games are an adaptation of a French novel, ‘Rainbow Six’ written by Tom Clancy. The novel focuses on a fictional international counter-terrorist unit called “Rainbow”. The first game of the series was developed by Red Storm Entertainment in 1998 when the novel was published.

Rainbow series’ tactical first-person shooter video games gain a lot of popularity and many sequels of the game have come and are still coming. Currently, the games are published and developed by Ubisoft, who acquired a Redstorm. The games of the series force players to focus more time and effort on stealth, teamwork, and tactics rather than on sheer firepower. In an attempt to attract more audience, the games have also adopted mainstream first-person shooter approach. The first game of the series was published in 1998 and the latest in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege. Now after a long wait, the sequel to Rainbow Six Siege is coming.

>What’s new in Rainbow Six Siege

The most loved Rainbow Six series’ video game, Rainbow Six Siege is now free to play on weekends. Ubisoft has announced a free weekend its tactical shooter. Rainbow Six Siege will be free all weekend to play on PlayStation 4(PS4), Xbox One, and PC.

The upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 will come with a new feature of Match Cancellation. Match Cancellation is a new feature that will allow players to cancel their current Ranked match under the condition that team sizes are unbalanced at the beginning of the match. There will be vote option to opt Match Cancellation and it will become available for the incomplete team during the prep phase and if it gets a majority vote, the match will be canceled. A canceled match will not have any impact on MMR.

Shailly Panwar