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Ubisoft teases the new futuristic battle royale game Hyper Scape

By Abhishek Singh

Ubisoft is one of the leading markets in the video games industry, giving us some of the best games like Prince of Persia, Watch Dogs & Assassin’s creed. And is one of the formidable competitors when it comes to single-player games. With the rising trend of battle royale games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Valorant. Known for fast pacing gunfights, making use of strategy, and effective teamwork. Testing the skills of players to the next level and rewarding experience it has for hardcore players. Ubisoft also plans to come up with its new concept of battle royale game with futuristic elements named “Hyper Scape”. Codenamed “Prisma Dimensions”, Ubisoft plans to reveal some of the content of Hyper Scape although it’s unclear on how much. Releasing this year on PC and later a year on consoles. Read on more to know about the upcoming futuristic battle royale game.

Release Date of Hyper Scape

The new AAA multiplayer battle royale game Hyper Scape by Ubisoft plans to reveal the beta version of the game on July 2. Showing the gameplay & the feel of futuristic gameplay taking place. And the full game will be released on July 12. After 10 day period. Battling with many players with bright neon looking city “Neo Arcadia” with immersive fast pacing first-person shooter. According to Breslau, Ubisoft invited many gaming influencers, streamers & YouTubers to see the game for themselves after the closed beta next week.

First Look of “Hyper Space”.

The game looks gorgeous with an incredible level of detail, bright neon looking streets with the aesthetics of “Cyberpunk 2077”. If Ubisoft manages to recreate the tension, atmosphere, and fast pacing gunfights like in another battle royale games. The game will most likely surpass PUBG and many other battle royale games. Ubisoft also collaborated with Twitch specifically focusing on the popular streaming platform. With exclusive features such as Twitch integration that’ll let viewers impact with the happenings of the game itself.

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