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Watch Dogs 3 is out!!! Trailer, Game play, Release date we got it all covered, Let’s check out what’s new in Watch Dogs Legion

By Alquamah Nasir

Watchdog is a game produced by Ubisoft which was first released in 2014 followed by its sequel in 2016 and fans were expecting a two-year gap in each part but they were wrong the third part of the game is still not released.

Release date

The release date as it was announced by the Ubisoft was 29th October 2020 and its initial release was set for March 6th, 2020.


This game is a hacking game how are you hack into different persons different objects in the city of London. If you are wondering how to do it don’t worry Ubisoft has already released training videos for games. Every character has some unique ability and you get to know about these in the game. Like there is a character called Victor who has an interesting trait-like if you drink 4 bottles of beer he could take less damage.

Another player is Sue who can get you out of any prison in no time. Each character has its own story and you have to solve the problem to get them in your team and to make them playable.

The setting of the game

The game was set in the city of London, a city with highest surveillance in the world in the game also got real-time coordinates as if you will enter the coordinates in Google map you will get the real exact location. And it has various regions of London in it like big ben, tower bridge or Whitechapel and many more.

What’s new

Of course, the feature that you can play multiple characters is new. Apart from that, there is a new feature called the permadeath of the characters. Now when you access a new citizen in your team you can assign the role. You got three roles with your enforcer infiltrator and hacker. The work of these three is as follows enforcer are more of tough guys who will do the fighting for you.
Infiltrators are those as the name suggests are those who infiltrate and stealthily enter others’ property. And you can also hack people’s eyes which is an awesome thing.
The last category is Hackers that stealth too but not in the way infiltrators do. They can hack into the drones and then drones will do the work for them. These drones also have guns that can kill enemies.

At last, there is one more new feature that is, the game also got the multiplayer mode and thus you can play this game with your friend so just wait for this game to be released.

Alquamah Nasir