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List Of EMOM Workouts That Can Be Easily Done At Home Now!! Watch The Videos!!

It gets a little bit boring to keep the workouts within the home right now although many still prefer it. There is also the option of adding some varieties to the exercise mix of a person. Now is also a great time to do it. The best and perfect of them is the EMOM routines complementing Saturday yoga flow and Tuesday core workouts.

EMOM is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  It targets fats, easy burning calories, and short rest breaks. The word stands for every minute on the minute which means the assigned tasks should be completed in meaning and the remaining minute should be used in resting. There is also good news that no equipment is required for doing the exercises at home and they are also very super effective. Here is a list of all the EMOM that can be done at home without any equipment.

Full-Body EMOM Workout by Kym Nonstop

10-Minute Full-Body EMOM Workout by HIITBurn

Home Bodyweight EMOM Workout by Geni Body Coaching

30-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness

EMOM Advanced At-Home Workout — No Equipment Needed by Evofitaz


30-Minute EMOM Home Bodyweight-Only Workout by Kat Musni Fitness


Intense EMOM Home Workout — No Equipment Needed by Matt Fox


30-Minute CrossFit “EMOM” Home Workout by Kat Musni Fitness


30-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness


Bodyweight EMOM Workout by Sarah Grace Fitness


Full Body Bodyweight EMOM | Follow Along with Workout by HIITBurn


30-Minute Intense Full-Body EMOM Workout by Andrei Andrei Fitness


45-Minute Tabata Workout to Torch Calories by POPSUGAR Fitness


Everyday 10-Minute EMOM Workout by Morgan Rose Moroney


EMOM At-Home Bodyweight Workout by Katerina Kountouris


EMOM No-Equipment At-Home Workout by BreeZ Fi


The Youtube videos given above shows how all the workouts can be done easily at home now. Fitness freaks can now try them for a change.