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National Treasure 3 Is Returning Back – Check Out Release Date, Cast, Plot everything!! check it now!1

By Siringula Keerthana

The National Treasure debuted in the year 2004, and till now, it’s been coming a long way since then, which gave Benjamin Gates de Cage. Thus he gave us an entertaining with an action-packed movie in return.

Why is National Treasure-3 taking much longer to release?
Despite accepting lukewarm reviews from the critics, the movie is a super hit success grossing up to $347 million nationwide. Shortly, a sequel to this Treasure was followed, taking Gates into other adventures. After immediate release, they are little talks of part three to the series. It’s expected to be released by 2020 and be the unbeatable part out of those three films.
National Treasure Season 3 Plot:
The plot has yet not revealed. Owing to the previous two films, hence this is another adventure of Benjamin filled with many more actions. The first film turned around as an adventure of finding that hidden Treasure in the U.S. left by finding fathers when protecting the Declaration of Independence against all theft.
The par two, National Treasure- Book of Secrets, turns back with the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

There is still no perfect news as to where the 3rd part will take place.

National Treasure Season 3 Cast:

This series introduces to Benjamin, the American cryptologist, who got played by Nicolas Cage. The casts in this movie Justin Bartha as Riley Poole, Gates’ best friend and loyal sidekick, and also Diane Kruger as Dr. Abigail, who are Gates colleagues and girlfriend. We introduced to Gates family and even his divorced parents. Jon plays as Patrick Gates, i.e., Ben’s father, and Helen plays Dr. Emily Appleton Gates, i.e., Ben’s mother. We have met a few ancestors of his family who had played an active part in American History.

Siringula Keerthana