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Will There Soon Be A World, Without Work? What Impact Takes Place Due To COVID-19 All Over The World?

By Siringula Keerthana

Will COVID-19 bring the new revolution of study and study from home? How will the gradual change in Technology go to affect the Way We functioned as a society?

Incidents on a world scale are moving at a rapid speed. The COVID-19 has set in motion with a chain of circumstances that are changing the stability of each country one after the other. All the understatements of the capitalist system are smashing to the surface.

The Coronavirus crises 2008 financial crisis—events that molded society in lasting ways, from the language we use, security to how we travel, and buy houses. We are living in the 3rd or 4th industrial revolution, and we are on the Way to the fifth one. According to the Economist, there are many industrial revolutions for every decade.

The first one destroyed the textile industry; the second one created the means for mass production, and the third is around web technology and communication, and the fourth is all about Smart Technology. That is how all things be automated and connected.

The stock markets have already reacted with steep falls. The spread of the virus has dramatically accelerated the protectionist tendencies on a world scale. Every ruling class is rushing to defend its position and to export the negative social results. Travel barriers might lead to trade barriers.

The trade wars among the US and China that are thought by much public to calm down could turn up again, in an uncontrollable way. This leads to a depression similar to the 1930s, lasting beyond the worse impact of this virus. What we witness now and in the future will be the opening of a new period in world history—a period of massive crisis – of revolutions, wars, and counter-revolutions.

Siringula Keerthana