YouTube Not Working!!! No Worries…Here are the Ways to fix it on both Android devices & PCs!!!

By Divyansh Dhingra

It’s the era of Technology, It’s the era of YouTube. The largest online video community established in 2005, has never looked back. Since its start, YouTube has always seen the pinnacle. No one would have ever imagined that there might be a platform were around thousands of videos and creation be uploading in every single minute. Technology is vast and so do the YouTube. Billions of stuff are there in this online platform that your whole life will fall. YouTube has helped millions as their source of earning.

Imagine YouTube is your daily bread and that bread gets rotten or gets swollen by the fungi, then what would you do? Videos are not playing, You’re unable to use your YouTube properly. This might be a painful situation for you. So, This article tells you the ways to fix your non-working YouTube on both your Android and PC’s.

For Android Devices…

1.) The very first step is to restart your phones as many techno related issues get solved by just restarting your devices. You just have to nothing but to hold your power button for long then the option of Restart You Device or Reboot will appear, simply, click on the option and wait for the device to restart. Now. Try to play the YouTube video.

2.) The Next way in the process is to update your OS. For this just go to the System Update option in your android devices and look for the “Download an Update”.

3.) If the above two steps don’t work and there is another way for you i.e to clear the cache memory and unwanted data as there might be storage issues. By clearing the cache data, it removes the temporary data files from the device and paves the way for smooth running.

4.) Moving to the fourth and the very basic way that all of you must do first. Update your YouTube app from the Playstore as issues might be due to the previous version. Your device might not support the earlier version so lookup for the update.

Now, doing all this if there is no success, just do one thing write the letter to the YouTube team or tweet in their official Twitter handle to introduce them with the glitch. Official Twitter handle of YouTube that will guide you regarding the trouble- @TeamYouTube.

Fixes for PCs’…

Now, let’s dive into the ways to fix your non-working YouTube in your PC’s…

1.) First and foremost, if you find any kind of issue regarding YouTube then do update your Chrome Browser. For this, just click the icon with three dots and then select the Help option and move to About Google Chrome and Install the latest update.

2.) Do Check your Network Connectivity as the problem might be due to poor internet connection.

3.) If you find the above two ways not helpful then go for the third way i.e to turn on the JavaScript from the Advanced option. You will find the option to enable JavaScript from the site settings under Privacy and Security. As you open the settings just Allow the JavaScript to enable.

4.) Like you do in your Androids, You have to do the same hereby clearing the cache memory and cookies stored in your PC’s. As these temporary files or data sometimes causes trouble in the perfect running of the device. Just click the same icon as the first step and then clear browsing data for All Time.

Hope This Article would help you to come out of the issue…

Divyansh Dhingra