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Every MCU Character Returning In Marvel’s WandaVision.Several Marvel characters are returning for WandaVision, the primary TV show from Marvel Studios!!

Several Marvel characters are returning for WandaVision, the primary TV show from Marvel Studios. The upcoming Disney+ series are centered on the two titular Avengers from Marvel Comics, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, and Vision, but other characters from past MCU movies are going to be collaborating within the action still.

WandaVision is claimed to be Marvel’s wildest project, and its very nature opens the door for the return of diverse MCU favorites.

The others that are confirmed, however, are mostly familiar faces. And it’s worth noting that some are unexpected additions who haven’t any obvious connections to Scarlet Witch and Vision in Marvel, Comics, or within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When Smart Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) revived everyone killed by Thanos’ snap, Scarlet Witch was among the heroes who battled him within the final battle.

Within the comics, a depressed or stressed-out Wanda tends to lose control, and cause chaos, and this might be what ultimately happens to Wanda within the beginning of the show. Fueled by her desire to work out her lover again, she may have unknowingly created a reality for herself where she gets to possess a traditional, happy life with Vision. Wanda may need to depend on Agatha Harkness or a distinct character to rein in her powers.

The MCU lost plenty of its heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, but there was always hope that they’d be brought back in Endgame if the snap can be reversed. However, one or two of those characters were directly killed by Thanos within the movie, which meant that their deaths can be permanent – one among them was Vision. He tried to create the last word sacrifice to prevent the Mad Titan from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet but was stopped by the Time Stone.

It may be that he’ll be resurrected by Wanda’s mysterious abilities. After all, she has been known to will people back to existence within the comics. Furthermore, a scene within the middle of WandaVision’s trailer, between Vision, and Hahn’s character, indicates that he might not know he’s imagined to be dead.

Interestingly, Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) has nothing to try to with Scarlet Witch and Vision but is going to be appearing within the show regardless. Within the comics, Woo is an experienced SHIELD agent, but the MCU turned him into a government agent whose primary purpose was to supply comedic relief in Ant-Man and therefore, the Wasp. He’ll be back in WandaVision, this point within the employ of SWORD, a company dedicated to protecting the planet from extraterrestrial threats.

Woo was the sole returning MCU character not to have a presence within the trailer, so little is understood about what he’ll be doing with SWORD. For the foremost part, Marvel has kept its plans for SWORD tightly covert. It can be that, after founding SWORD, Fury sought out those that have experiences with strange and abnormal occurrences, which may be what led to Jimmy Woo joining the group.

Set photos have indicated that Monica is also a member of SWORD. It can be that Monica made it into the place where Scarlet Witch and Vision now live and was expelled by an unseen force. This has led to speculation that the events going down within the show will involve her receiving her magazine powers. Wanda’s powers could even activate her latent abilities. If so, WandaVision can be found Monica being a full-fledged superhero in Captain Marvel 2.