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Project Power RELEASES on Netflix!!! Everything about the Jamie Foxx & Joseph Gordon Levitt starrer movie!!!

Project Power is the latest high octane thriller from Netflix which has given the movie a release date Just in time for weekend viewing. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt are going to be the lead cast of this movie which revolves and focuses on a pill that can give its taker superpower.

When is it releasing on Netflix?

Project Power releases on Netflix!!!  Know everything about the Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt starrer movie!!!

The release date of the movie is Friday 14 th August 2020. The 110 minutes movie will be released at midnight Pacific Daylight time with is currently seven hours behind GMT/UTC. In other countries, the movie will release at this time

1. Australia : 5:00pm AEST /4:30 pm ACST/ 3:00 pm AWST

2. Brazil : 5:00 am FNT/4:00 am BRT / 3:00am AMT

3: Central Europe: 9:00 am CET

4. INDIA: 12:30 pm IST.

5. UK: 8:00 am BST

Who are there in the cast of Project Power?

Leading the cast is the Oscar winner star of Ray,  Baby driver, and Django  Unchained Jamie Foxx who will be playing Art, an ex-soldier our for revenge. It also stars in lead role Inception’s Joseph Gordon Levitt as a police officer Frank while Dominique Fishback of The Hate U gives play Robin a young drug dealer.  Alongside this trio of actor, we also got see Amerufak Crime story’s  Courtney B Vance, Westfield’s Rodrigo Santoro, and Transparent’s Amy Landecker along with Colson Baker,  Tait Fletcher, and Allen Maldonado.

What is the plot of Project power?

The official Netflix summary reads ” on the streets if New Orleans word begins to spread about a mysterious new pill that unlocks superpower unique to each user “.While some develop bullies prove skin,  invisibility, and super strength another exhibits deadlier reaction.

According to the trailer, these superpowers can be useful such as Frank becoming bulletproof, but can also be very dangerous like one man who turns into human torch covered in flames thaT will lead to him exploding. A lot more exciting things are there in the movie so without wasting time people should start watching it.


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